“I’d look in the mirror every day and think, ‘Where is my hair going?’ Now, with Viviscal, I’m absolutely happy with my hair.”


Viviscal User

Lissa - Viviscal User

Like many women, when Lissa entered menopause, she noticed her hair thinning and shedding. She knew her stressful job as an attorney was also a factor, but her stress level was not going down any time soon. So for years, she simply dealt with it… until she read about Viviscal. She noticed results very quickly and says, “My hair’s just gotten better and better and better every month!” Now, looking at her old pictures, she says, “I forget how bad it was. I really do.” Like so many of us, Lissa says, “If I have a good hair day, I’m super self-confident.” Lissa T., California